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There is also the Square Band Pocket, a non-solar portable version available. If you are interested in purchasing one, please send an e-mail to order [at] squareband [dot] net. They cost $35 w/ a battery included or $30 w/o a battery. Visit the Squareband Pocket mini-site for more information.

What is it?

The Square Band is a portable square wave synthesizer. The Square Band is worn around the wrist like a watch and includes a set of eight buttons to trigger tones of varying octaves. Additionally, a light sensor is used to change the pitch of the tone within the octave allowing for a wide range of musical possibilites.

As the Square Band is worn throughout the day, a flexible solar panel generates power that is stored within the Square Band for use whenever you choose. The Square Band is designed to be as ubiquitous as possible so that when creativity strikes you, it's no easier than just plugging in your headphones.


The keypad The flexible solar panel The storage unit Off the wrist Full Shot

Sound Samples

Below are two samples of how the Square Band sounds.
The first sample is a run through of each button and its corresponding tone in a controlled environment.
The second sample is the tone of each button being pitch shifted via the onboard light sensor.

How do I get one?

Currently, it is not available for purchase. If you'd like to be kept up to date with news and the potential launch date of a product or kit, please enter your e-mail address below. Your e-mail will not be shared or spammed.

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